GChat Visichat Common Usage

Where can I use Visichat?

Visichat software can be used everywhere your needs and imagination take you. You can run it on community sites, virtual schools or forums. Deploy it in the stock trading environment, modelling site or customer support centre.

Visichat is ideally suited for all scenarios where high performance video conferencing features are required. Please visit the chat features page for a complete overview of the system and what it can do.

What are the benefits of using this system?

Our system is easy to install, manage and integrate. It supports multiple languages and platforms. The software can be extended through custom widgets, always remaining flexible and responsive to your needs. Furthermore, Visichat offers the following benefits:

- Ease of use
- Real time communication
- File upload facility
- Webcam, voice and text chat
- Browser based chat client
- Fully-featured admin panel
- Smooth data migration from older releases
- Up to one year free updates service
- High quality documentation
- And more!

Can I deploy this software as an E-Learning tool?

Yes, Visichat has been successfully used as a virtual learning tool. You can run a single classroom or an entire school, with several subjects and year groups. Teachers can use text, voice and webcam to communicate. They can draw, insert videos and share files in the chat room to enliven lesson activities. They can also provide chat transcripts as lesson notes, and more.

Can I use Visichat as an live customer support system?

Yes, Visichat can act in this capacity. It has a dedicated customer support mode. This mode offers a streamlined, isolated interface to your visitors to seek support. Your staff can see everyone and initiate one-to-one contact with clients to deal with specific questions. They are also able start webcam and voice-only conversations to offer a more personal service.

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