GChat Visichat Integration

Does Visichat integrate with third party databases and forum systems?

Yes, our flash chat software has been designed with transparent and easy to manage integration in mind. It can be integrated with several popular database and forum engines, such as vBulletin, Joomla, phpBB, and others.

For the full list of compatible database, CMS and forum systems please see the Visichat features page.

Will you take care of the integration process for me?

Yes, you can ask us to do the integration for you. It forms a part of our one-time free installation service. You can submit your integration request via the Customers Portal messaging system, under My Messages.

Can you integrate Visichat with an existing CMS system?

Generally the answer to this question is: yes, we can! But due to the number of solutions on the market, please enquire in advance if you don't see your CMS on our compatibility list.

What if my software or script is not listed as supported for integration?

Please let us know of the software or script you want to integrate with regardless. The most recent planned update may well support it. We may also be able to investigate and perform a one-off custom job for you for a competitive price. Alternatively, we may be able to add the software in question to our support list in future updates.

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