GChat Visichat Source Codes

What is included in the source code package?

The Flash source files have everything you need to modify your chat interface. The Visichat software download includes the Flash Professional project files and Flash Action Script 2.0 source codes.

How can I modify my chat using the Flash source code?

The source code package gives you access to all Flash files and source code classes generated by Adobe Flash Professional. It allows you to create and compile your own smileys or add new ones to the default set.

You'll be able to redesign and modify your chat's layout. It is possible to: create your own preferred layout theme, change the chat's background image, styles, colours and more.

What tools are required to work on the provided Flash source files?

You'll need Adobe Flash CS5, or later, to work on the supplied project files. Plain text configuration files need a basic text editor, like Notepad, nano or gedit.

Why doesn't the core package have media player and other components' sources?

Media Player and some other elements are implemented as standalone programs or components. They can be bought separately from Visichat, with source codes where applicable. Certain Visichat plugins are not available to buy separately for privately hosted chats.

Please see the Visichat features page for further information. Legacy hosted plans which include plugins will have them automatically activated.

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