GChat Visichat Buying and Licensing

How much does it cost?

GChat has a simple pricing plan for its software and associated services. We have recently simplified our product lineup, and all current lienceses are now equivalent to the Standard Edition offered in the past.

From Visichat 3, Flash source codes for customisation purposes are included with each licence purchase.

The most current license prices can be found on the official Visichat product page. We offer competitive and fair rates for bulk buyers, too. GChat operates attractive discount schemes to recognise the dedication of its customers and long-term investment they make in the company's products.

What are the main benefits of GChat Video Chat software?

The software is full-featured yet easy to use multi-room online chat, with great webcam and voice streaming features. It supports multiple languages and platforms.

This video chat is easy to install, maintain and integrate with existing community databases. It supports user access groups and user level permissions, as well as premium membership options and various payment gateways. The chat can be used as a private community forum, customer support and business tool, virtual school, stock trader's assistant, and much, much more.

Flash client source codes are also available with all licence purchases. Flash source code files give you the power to: customise the look and feel of your chat, add custom smileys, swap interface parts in your layout, change login behaviour, and more. Visichat will save you time, money and effort in the long term! Please see the Visichat product page for the complete Visichat features list.

Do you provide a demo version of the software?

Yes, we host the most up-to-date demo. It can be found on the Visichat product page via the 'Visit Demo' button. It's fully interactive. You can try out the chat client and the admin panel. Please do not use the demo for customer, sales or technical support queries. Kindly direct any questions you may have for us through the Conact Form or the Customers Portal.

What do I need to purchase a license?

Customers who plan to arrange their own hosting need to have administrator or root access to a dedicated server or VPS, to install the software on. We provide full system requirements on the GChat Wiki; but if you already have a server, we can install the required softwares for you as part of your one-time free installation service, which we offer with every license purchase for up to one month from the original order date.

What licenses are available?

GChat now offers a single type of licence that covers of all of its major products, including Visichat and Web Messenger. It is equivalent to the Standard Edition sold previously. The licensing terms and conditions remain the same as before.

Where do I buy a license?

A licence can be bought through the Visichat product page. 'Buy Now' button will take you through a step-by-step checkout process. You will be asked to log in to or create a customer account towards the end of the checkout process. A licence can then be paid for through one of the supported payment methods, as shown on the order page.

How many licenses do I need?

You need a licence for every chat you want to run. If you move your chat from one service provider to another, you can update your licence in the Customers Portal to the new location.

The reason this is the case, is because GChat associates one host domain with each copy of its Visichat software for licensing and verification purposes.

If you're unsure about how many licenses you need, do not hesitate to contact Sales for further information.

Do I need to have my own server?

Yes, each Visichat licence requires a dedicated or virtual server to run on.

Are the licenses lifetime?

Yes, all GChat software licenses are lifetime. Once you buy a piece of software from us, you have a lifetime right to use it, inclusive of software updates which your current updates subscription entitles you to. At the end of an updates subscription, if not renewed, you can continue to run the latest version of Visichat you have at the end of the subscription period.

Updates and technical support are subscription services, and are valid for the duration of their respective service agreements.

Do you give discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, GChat offers competitive discount rates for bulk buyers. If you buy 5 licenses or more, you can expect to make the following savings:

-20% on 5-9 licenses bought together
-30% on 10-19 licenses bought together
-40% on 20+ licenses bought together

The discount rate applies to the final value of your order at checkout.

What discounts do you offer?

We offer bulk order discounts for licence purchases for Visichat and Web Messenger. For legacy product, please get in touch with Sales or Customer Support for further advice through the Contact Form or Customers Portal.

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