Account Info

Visichat - Accounts'My Account' tab in the user settings displays the most essential account information your community members might want to review periodically. Here chatters can see how many credits they hold, their access level and benefits of premium membership of your chat website.

The price of premium subscription and how long it lasts will also be clearly visible in this window, as defined by the chat administrator. In 'My Account' view your members can also buy more credits and renew their premium subscription with a few clicks. The flash chat owner can modify the description that appears in the premium membership information box.

Providing this information in one easy-to-find place, removes the need for your staff members to answer similar common questions about premium membership, pricing and how to renew. If these come up, they can easily direct newcomers to check out their account information and what premium features are offered by your particular Visichat installation. This is also a good place to promote your VIP exclusives or insert a summary of your relevant terms and conditions.

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