Mailing List

Visichat - MailTo enable you to keep in touch with your community, GChat integrated a snappy mailing list feature in the admin panel of its market leading video chat software. From the 'Send Mail' section, it's possible to send quick messages to users or HTML formatted email created in advance. You can mail one or several users, or send a global email to the entire chat membership list.

You can effortlessly create newsletters, announcements and seasonal greetings to suit your needs. Destination addresses can be tested individually by the webmaster in advance via a quick test message. This is also helpful prior to a global mail-send, to establish whether the outgoing mail is working as expected quickly, without waiting for the entire mailing list to be processed.

The flash chat owner can define several email templates and access them from a drop down list of the send mail dialogue. There's a convenient export option, too. The web chat administrator can export all email or just selected messages for backup, personal records, further editing or emailing through a standalone email client.

The integrated mail editor offers full rich text functionality, HTML tools and formatting options often only found in standalone email clients. You can work on HTML message templates with greater convenience directly from the control panel of your Visichat. It's possible to touch up imported HTML matter, before sending, through the mail editor and of course you still have access to the HTML source code for each message, for more advanced editing if the need arises.

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