User Management

Visichat - UsersManaging users couldn't be simpler through the Visichat control panel. The 'Users' section of the administration panel, allows the chat owner to see every registered member of the community in a single, paginated table. Users table displays, and can be sorted by, user id, name, access level, IP address, picture status, email, total number of credits held, and status flags, for every member row.

You can find a person via the search dialogue by IP, email, part of their name, or by group filter, e.g. premium members only. It's possible to edit or delete individuals directly from the table, by selecting the appropriate options in their associated rows. When editing member information, an administrator can change all necessary settings. He can reset flash chat passwords, verify email addresses and force members to edit their profile at the next login to flash chat, amongst other things.

Virtual currency history tracking, for chat websites that use credits, is available and can be switched on per-member basis. GChat video chat software makes it a cinch to manually add new members, too. When a person has trouble registering or the admin has the necessary details already, this feature can save valuable time. It is also a safe fallback in case of a verification email going missing or members unable to sign up from their end.

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