Logging and Reporting

Visichat - Chat LogVisichat offers tabulated and fully featured reporting section in the control panel, for all your monitoring needs. All relevant activity is logged for each user and dated for ease of reference. An administrator can filter the 'Reports' section to just show kick reports and bad user notifications. Or, if preferred, he can search for information being posted in chat rooms.

A separate chat log is also available. It is a real gem for keeping on top of your community's daily activity. An administrator can: clear the current log, search by user name, IP, keyword, and filter the view by date, log type and room. Logged lines shown per page can also be changed to accommodate different screen resolutions or better fit a print-out. Updates to the chat log are saved every 5 minutes for best possible chat performance.

Reporting and logging is on by default and is exceptionally easy to get started with. The flash chat admin can also enable both private or public chat logging. Individual user activity can be examined in detail, including any contacts initiated, messages sent and credits transferred.

Connections to flash chat are also tracked, and bad login attempts and connections are always reported. Webmasters can thus ensure that member privacy is maintained, rules aren't broken and chat security is not being compromised.

In scenarios where child protection is paramount, such as online schools, for example, web chat transcripts are available to staff to quickly establish who has been talking to whom, what was being said, and whether voice or webcam access was requested. Transcripts can also serve as basis for lesson notes.

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