Private Rooms

Visichat - VIP chatroomsPrivate rooms may not be visible to all members of the flash chat. It's a particularly convenient feature if you have special interest sub-groups in your chat website that would like to have a dedicated chatroom set aside for them. Private rooms can serve as VIP lounges, dedicated staff rooms or separate virtual classrooms in your chat. An administrator can create a private chatroom any time he wants, in the room list or through the admin panel of his video chat website.

He can select a list of users who will be able to use this chatroom and set an optional password for it. The webmaster can also choose to grant access to all members of a particular membership group entry instead, to save time. For instance, if he already decided that VIP lounge requires premium membership, he can grant everyone in that user group access, instead of manually adding each VIP to a list. He can determine which chat options are available in the room, set special permissions and chatroom events text.

In an online school setting, a room can be made for each taught module. An admin can then allow only certain students access to the available courses, depending on what they've registered for. Individual classes can have one main teacher and an assistant assigned to them, or more if needed. Pupils may be granted access to specially developed e-learning widgets for the subjects they're studying, depending on what class they're in. Our flash chat fully supports development of such e-learning widgets, be they image or Flash-based.

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