Media Player

Visichat JukeboxThe media player component supports FLV video and MP3 music files. Both video and music can be used to liven up your flash chat. For convenience, you can make a playlist of your favourite songs or user contributed content in Visichat. It is an all-in-one jukebox solution. If no playlist is defined, the media player will automatically group any uploaded media files it supports into a default playlist of your web chat.

Media player can be enabled and configured by the flash chat administrator through the control panel. In particular, he can set what colours the player interface will use and default playback settings. Playback buttons and the graphic equaliser can be optionally turned off, if not needed. Doing this will ensure that only the webmaster can control playback in his video chat software. Media files are also loaded via the admin menu and displayed in a sorted list. Files no longer required can be removed from here with just one click of the mouse, too.

Once configured, media player is visible to other users. They can then control playback of content on their end, according to their preferences. Having tailored playlists for different events, moods and chatrooms can create a relaxing and informal, welcoming atmosphere inside your chat. In a business environment, pleasant music is always helpful to smooth any wait times customers may encounter during their call.

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