Payment System

Visichat - Virtual CashGChat Visichat admin panel offers integration with the following payment processing gateways:

• Allopass-sms
• Allopass-cc
• Usa ePay
• PayPal
• Alertpay
• Buckaroo
• TargetPay

The list of supported options is constantly under review, and we'll be happy to consider other popular payment gateways. If you have specific needs in this regard, don't hesitate to recommend your favourite provider for inclusion.

Each gateway can be configured separately and, for maximum flexibility, an administrator can enable multiple payment gateways in parallel. Options relevant to virtual currency and in-chat prices can be modified during gateway setup or adjusted later.

The summary table of the 'Payment Setup' section provides a brief overview of options currently in use. Users can use this system to buy credits or upgrade their user group to premium membership. Upgraded membership can get them access to unique features only available to VIPs, as chosen by the webmaster.

On modelling websites, users can tip someone in private chat. They can use the send credit feature, provided they purchased the minimum number of credits, as defined by the flash chat owner.

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