Customise Avatars

Visichat - AvatarsAn administrator can upload a set of custom avatar images directly in the control panel. This avatar library will then be offered to members picking a custom picture for their profile as the stock gallery. The chat website owner can work with individual images or several at once. Images can be arranged in a particular order, removed or replaced in-place dynamically in Visichat.

If you have an existing community, it's easy to collect their existing avatars and upload them in one go, so your users won't have to do it manually. You can make certain avatars only available for premium members, special occasions or skins of your flash chat community.

Business and virtual school chat administrators can tailor the avatars to reflect their environment with a sensible set of options; such as teacher or student, or manager, customer care, technical support, etc. This is a great way to compliment a professional, coherent theme. It's also an option to take advantage of where allowing users to upload their own profile picture isn't practical or feasible in your Visichat installation.

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