User Access Control

Visichat - User AccessThe video chat owner can fine tune user group access to best reflect community access levels, rules and structure. GChat flash chat software allows to setup permissions for accessing individual rooms, change user type and private chat. Timely and permanent ban options are also present in the user edit form, so webmasters can use them from the control panel interface.

The 'Permissions' section puts you in control of global settings for managing chatrooms, webcams, flash chat, moderator powers, and more. You can select which user groups can create normal and password protected chatrooms, manage users and upload files.

It is also possible to disable or enable drawing mode, gallery features and private messaging. Webcam access can also be configured by gender, in addition to user group settings, for chat websites that need such functionality. The section is easy to navigate and work with. All modifiable options are presented in a clean table, with check box toggles for each user group column. Permission changes take effect immediately after Red5 server is restarted.


Short of a ban in Visichat it is simple to control access to public chat features on a per-user-group basis. The admin can thus further vet guests or newly registered users, temporarily disable public chat access to certain user groups on special occassions, or let an overly active chatter cool down by putting him in a special custom user group.

Controlling public web chat access through user group permissions is ideal for letting these and other scenarios, because the affected chatters will still be able to view the ongoing public discussion. In certain cases this is better than an outright ban and is by far more flexible than just turning off public chat outright.


And, if a particular banned visitor is proving to be quite persistent, the webmaster has the power to implement a Flash cookie based blacklisting of the individual on top of other measures mentioned above. Making it extra difficult for abusers to get back in once banned from flash chat.

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