Camera Recording

Visichat - Record VideoThe 'Record to Gallery' button is available below the camera preview window. A user can record his webcam, or voice only, to a file in his personal video gallery to share with others. This is a brilliant feature to record greetings, personal messages, presentations, lessons, and chat announcements inside your video chat.

For privacy reasons, user-recorded content must first pass administrator or moderator approval before being added to the video gallery for other flash chat users to view. Videos found in breach of the chat's terms and conditions or community rules can be permanently deleted from the chat website.

The user video gallery is a repository of all videos you and your flash chat community have recorded. Videos are presented in lists – two for normal users and three for moderators and the video chat administrator. The first list of the gallery is the video content the user recorded with his webcam. The content creator can always view his own videos. User videos don't become public by default and are always moderated.

The second list contains publicly shared and approved videos from everyone in the community. The third list has as yet unapproved content and is only visible to users with the powers to check it. When a member clicks on a video name he wants to play, the file opens in a new media player window inside the chatroom he is currently in.

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