Audio Video Separation

Visichat - StreamingBy default, Red5 Media Server handles all text, audio and video streams from chatters in your community. GChat has chosen to use Red5 because it's a free, secure and flexible solution. It works well across all platforms our flash chat supports, and handles audio, video and rich text streams in an all-in-one, integrated chat package.

Red5 is easy to deploy, maintain and update. However, our larger customers may sometimes wish to offload the processing of audio and video streams onto Flash Media Server. This type of workload separation was anticipated and is fully supported in our video chat.

While your main chat always remains on Red5, you can redirect audio and video traffic to another compatible Flash server. Stream separation can help you achieve greater performance and reliability during peak usage times or continuous heavy loads. And even if you implement media stream separation, you'll still have Red5's streaming capabilities to offer redundancy, in case your FMS ever requires downtime or maintenance.

We offer a comprehensive range of Flash Media Server hosting options for your chat website. They are significantly cheaper than the cost of buying, installing and running FMS yourself. Our FMS hosting options offer a considerable upfront saving, whilst still delivering on the performance side of things. Please see our price list for details.

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