Privacy Options

Visichat - Privacy SettingsRespect for user privacy is at the heart of Visichat design. The flash chat administrator can quickly and efficiently stop abusers from spoiling the experience for everyone. The admin panel offers two sections for blocking users. 'Block User' - for individual offenders, and 'IP to Country Setup' - for blanket barring of entire IP ranges for particular countries.

It is possible to ban an individual user by his IP address or host name. You can also view and delete any current bans in the 'Block User' section. If you made a mistake or wish to remove the ban from the person – it's easy and quick. An administrator can manually set IP to country blocking rules through the web chat control panel. He can also upload a .CSV file which contains the rules already. This saves time when you run multiple flash chats and don't want to recreate IP to country mappings for each separately.

End user camera, voice, private messaging, and other in-chat access settings can be controlled by the person in question, via their profile and account setting, or by the webmaster through the control panel. These privacy settings can be controlled at user, group and room level, allowing for the greatest possible flexibility and choice.

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