Premium Membership

Visichat - VIP chatFor a set number of credits, determined by the chat administrator, a regular registered member can purchase premium status for a limited time. It's a good way to add value and exclusivity to certain features of your chat, which you may wish only paying users to enjoy. It can also be used to reward loyal chat website members who had been registered for an extended period of time.

For example, you can create a dedicated VIP lounge room, founders' club, or only allow premium members to play games or use webcam features in chat. Premium members can be given higher privileges, rights to promote their YouTube content or get faster review times on the recorded video and voice they submit to the video chat gallery. In short, Visichat puts the administrator in control of what premium membership includes. He decides how much credits are worth, how many credits is required to buy premium membership and when it expires. He can also setup one or more payment processing gateways to handle buying of credits from flash chat.

Dividing your membership base into guests, regular members and premium membership groups is a wise strategy to adopt, since our video chat software offers quite a bit of functionality out of the box. Indeed, you have great freedom in allocating this functionality between user groups to leverage chat website performance and end user experience.

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