Feature Requests

Visichat - New FeaturesWe listen to our customers and often implement features suggested by them in new versions of Visichat. If you have an excellent idea and think it will benefit others, do not hesitate to share it with GChat. This is not an instant process, but we'll endeavour to carefully review your suggestion alongside other requirements and submissions during a product development meeting.

Once a new product version is released, you'll be able to check if your feature was approved by checking out the new feature highlights on the product's homepage. To recommend a Visichat feature, you can use the Contact Form or the Customers Portal on the GChat homepage. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain!

If we approve and implement your suggestion, you've effectively gained free, custom development work and made Visichat even better for everyone. We consider a good feature request to be something that hasn't been tried before, improves the overall flash chat experience and is not a niche, specific request which may only find use in your chat website.

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