Resizable Video

Visichat - VideosVisichat has the capability to resize video windows dynamically, to best fit your screen resolution and size. You will never be startled with videos going fullscreen by default, or someone turning their web-camera on. Video content won't obstruct your main chatroom view or typing, so you can enjoy genuine multi-tasking. It is possible to drag out the video window to take up the entire screen, if desired, or minimize it to temporarily hide it.

The video file being played will automatically resize to fit the aspect ratio and dimensions of your media window. You can pause and resume playback, seek to a specific point in the file and navigate between items in a playlist where applicable.

Having resizable video windows inside the flash chat, allows admins to forget about what system configuration their members have. It won't matter what screen they use. Webmasters don't need to worry if the video file will appear alright under any circumstances, as the user is in control. The chat owner may disable the media playback functionality, if not required for their chat site.

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