Visichat - GamesMembers of your community can pass the time with a number of Flash based games, without leaving the chat client. Administrators can add their own games or upload games readily available online. Items you upload must be in the compiled SWF format, which can run through the Adobe Flash plug-in.

Users can play and rate games while they chat. After a period of time, accumulated ratings may help the chat owner decide on how to keep his chat games collection interesting and fresh. Unwanted, old or low rated games can be removed from the chat website. Since our video chat software supports Flash files from version 8 and up, the webmaster has a very large games catalogue of free and commercial offerings to pick from.

Alongside other media, games is a good way to entertain your visitors while they wait and keep them coming back to your web chat. Games selector opens in a separate window. Chatters can swap the active game on the fly. They can move, minimise and close the active game window at will, too. The game window is scaled appropriately to the content being played, so nothing is clipped.

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