Live Status Updates

Visichat - Chat StatusThe room, user, member, and buddy lists will always reflect the most up-to-date live status of your chat website. A person can see who is away, busy, otherwise engaged, or currently online in general inside the flash chat. The number of participants in each chatroom is shown next to the room's name.

The total chatroom capacity, if applicable is also displayed, so people can see if it's possible to enter or if they should wait. If a user is gone from the keyboard for a set period of time, their live status will automatically be shown as away in chat.

Furthermore, a user may select from a number of chat status messages to let others know what they are up to. An admin can change these standard status indicators to fit the needs of his video chat. Moderator and admin accounts have stars next to their names and are easy to identify.

Rooms can broadcast messages on certain chat events, such as user joining or leaving. If an individual chose to share his camera or mic status, it will be visible to others by means of small icons. The voice icon will change to indicate when someone is talking or has been silenced. Invisible users who have the access rights to see other hidden accounts, will be able to spot fellow members appearing offline as semi-transparent names in the user list of your chat website.

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