Registration and Login

Visichat - LoginWho likes filling out long and tedious forms just to have a conversation? Very few people do! GChat understands that your community members want to get started chatting as quickly as possible. Guest access, if on, could also let new visitors get going immediately with a limited set of powers, giving them a chance to get familiar with your chat website and decide whether to register fully.

Simplicity and accessibility, of what is in effect the doorway into your chatroom, is essential for growth. For a business or an online community, turning away potential members simply won't do online, where people move fast and there are few second chances for chat website that do not shape up.

By making things effortless at this stage, GChat video chat software helps you win increased traffic and member base. Registration window won't ask your users to give out heaps of personal information upfront. A valid email, user name and secure password is all that's required to get them up and running. Every person is also verified through a captcha message, to prevent fake  registrations and automated spam from disrupting the chat community.

Login authentication can be performed against your dedicated chat database or an existing community database. In the latter instance, the webmaster may choose to disable registration completely, handling it via his main site instead. He can also request new users to verify their email prior to their first login. Alternatively, the flash chat owner may manually validate pending member account registrations.

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