Member List

Visichat - Members ListMember list is a global list of registered chat website members. It displays a given number of active members from the community's database, which can be changed by the webmaster. The number of chat accounts shown can be used to fine tune chat with regards to available database resources and performance. If the list gets too long, a scroll bar will become available for its navigation. Chatters appear in no particular order, although sorting options are available in the control panel, if needed.

For example, it is possible to have VIPs and moderators appear at the top, before regular registered users. An online indicator and profile avatar icon can be found next to each person's name inside the flash chat. Like in the buddy list, it's possible to send offline messages to people from here, but only if they allow this through their profile settings.

However, community members are not limited to just seeing the top several users the webmaster sets to be listed by default. An end user can use the search field at the bottom of the member list to search the community database with a name, part of a name, keyword or phrase, if spaces are allowed in usernames. The member list search will return all possible matches for the entered keyword, making locating people in a busy video chat easier than ever before.

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