Multiple Rooms

Visichat - ChatroomsA flash chat administrator can create an unlimited number of chatrooms. Each room can have a category, reflected by its name, and maximum or unlimited number of users defined for it. Rooms can also be created for particular groups of users and purposes.

For example, it's possible to have a room per subject in a virtual school environment. Or a business customer support team can have a room for each type of enquiry, to help its customers find the support and information they need quickly.


Multiple rooms may possess individual permissions and functionality options. You may want to enable voice only in the lobby of your chat or keep webcam streaming just for the VIP lounge. Thus organising your chat further by user access level. Moreover, a chat administrator can pick exactly which user group is able to access which room.

Unlike typical VIP access, user group room access permits you to pick one or more groups of chatters per chatroom. This more flexible approach works flawlessly with the custom user groups feature too, giving you maximum control over your premium features and tailored membership experiences of your video chat.

Having multiple rooms is a good way to keep public conversations from overcrowding and moving too fast for some participants. Chat transcripts and history also become more manageable with several rooms in your list. Last but not least, is the freedom the webmaster has in testing out widgets and new features in spare rooms set aside for this task, without affecting his day-to-day chat website activity.

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