Intuitive Interface

Visichat - SkinsVisichat follows a logical and clear structure in its layout. If you are familiar with other chatting applications, or just getting started, you will feel right at home. The interface is streamlined and intuitive. Commonly used chat tools are convenient to access and have clear, informative icons associated with them. The interface stays out of your way and lets you communicate how you like, quickly and efficiently.

When a user has logged into your chat website, he can immediately see the default chat room in the centre of his view. The message input area with its formatting tools will appear at the bottom. User lists have a separate area to the right of the main chat. The room list is in the bottom left corner of your flash chat. Voice and camera options, alongside user settings and special options, is just above that.

Your community members won't notice the admin or moderator related features, as our software will selectively hide elements not related to their access group. On the other hand, when the webmaster promotes a member to a different, more privileged group, that person will see any extras he needs to see after his next login.

A flash chat source codes holder can modify the default layout template and customise its appearance to his requirements. He can select where and how widgets appear, arrangement of his chat areas, room list, banners and more.

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