Bad Words Filtering

Visichat - Bad WordsIn the admin panel, under the Bad Words section, it's possible to define offensive words you don't wish to appear inside your video chat. The list of already filtered words is always shown below the text input field in this section.

Visichat will take care of the rest for you, and your chatters will have a friendly and pleasant experience as a result. Text appearing in conversations will be matched against this global list, and any defined bad words won't come through in the sent user messages - they'll be starred out.

If the flash chat administrator makes a mistake, it's easy to remove filtering from words by deleting them from the filter list. You can add several different spellings of the same word too, or whole phrases. Since all text in our video chat software is handled as Unicode, you're free to add word filters in several different languages.

Naturally, it's also possible to include numeric and special characters to any combinations you enter, to stop abusers who attempt to use so called '1337' speak to bypass the bad words filtering. Bad Words is a good way to automate this most basic moderation duty, since busy chat websites tend to generate plenty of text and it's hardly practical to check it all by hand.

Bad words filtering has more advanced uses outside of the chatroom as well. It includes the ability to block blacklisted words from possible usernames at registration, warning the user who's trying to use unacceptable language in his alias.

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