Customise Banners

Visichat - Ad Banners'Banners' section in the admin area makes it a breeze to add promotional banner ads to your web chat. Multiple custom banners are supported. It is easy to set the order in which they appear and delay time in between them, for a slideshow effect. A chat banner can have a custom title and link associated with it. It can be an image (jpg, gif, png), or an animation (swf) file. You can activate each banner separately, set individual expiry dates, and whether the ad is shown in a new window.

All created banners are displayed in the summary table of the section, for ease of reference and future editing. You can use banner customisation to promote your chatroom, products and services. Ads don't have to be ads either! A webmaster running a private flash chat community can use them for an animated news ticker, notifications or a similar feature.

Virtual classrooms benefit from banners, too. In this context a banner can visually describe the activity in each class, act as an animated lesson plan or recap ticker from previous lessons. Commercially driven chat scripts may take advantage of the banner customisation feature to supplement the operational and ownership costs of their service via ad supported revenue.

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