Language Manipulation

Visichat - TranslationsOur video chat software makes it easy to manipulate existing and new languages for the chat interface and admin panel. The webmaster can view completeness of each translation for every available option, too. From inside a particular language definition, he can edit and delete entries at will. The admin can also run computer translation at the click of a mouse on any chosen entries.

Language manipulation is dynamic in the control panel, so changes take effect immediately after being applied. With several languages on offer at any given time, you can switch the live option as many times as you like and whenever you like in your flash chat. New languages can be defined and added from scratch or from an existing language definition. Experimenting is straightforward as well, since new languages never go live by default. The chat website owner can thus work on custom translations over an extended period of time.

Entries in language definitions are plain, unformatted text, which is effortless to extract from the chat control panel. The webmaster can use this facility to arrange for the text to be translated by a third party, without grating it admin level access to his Visichat chatroom. Translated text can simply be copied and pasted back in! Your interpreter wouldn't need to know anything about how your flash chat works, worry about special file formats or how to add languages via the control panel.

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