Voice Chat

Visichat - Voice ChatVoice communication can be enabled in public and private flash chat. This lets your video chat members talk naturally, in a language they find most convenient. Voice volume indicator is available so that each person can set their speech loudness to a comfortable level.

Your users need to have a working standalone microphone or one integrated into another device, such as a webcam, to use voice inside the flash chat. But it isn't necessary to have both video and voice on at the same time. With a wireless mic, people can keep talking while away from keyboard and don't have to stay in front of their PC for the duration of their video chat conversation.

Visichat voice streams can be recorded, if desired, and stored in the media gallery. Individuals can mute people they don't want to hear or silence voice chat globally, when required. Webmasters can control access to voice chat options from the control panel on per user group, member or room basis. Abusers can be silenced by moderators and admins from chat as well.

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