Layout Management

Visichat - SkinsCustomers, who bought the Flash source codes with their license, can modify the default theme template of the chat client to best fit their taste, community theme or business needs. It's possible to change the layout, styling and colour of all core chat elements. But don't worry, it is always possible to revert back to the original default template and configuration file for your flash chat, so feel free to experiment -- you will never end up with a broken video chat installation. Individual changes are reversible, too.

Settings can be reset to defaults or cleared at will, and any updated Flash source codes can be overwritten with an older or original version. Layout management is a particular advantage to webmasters with an already active chat website or service into which their flash chat must integrate. Program icons, smileys, widgets, banners, and other core program features can be moved, swapped and rearranged in terms of presentation.

Depending on the video chat in question, layout management grants the owner the greatest leeway in tailoring how chat functionality is revealed to the user. Through direct layout management, the interface can be enlarged or shrunk globally. You can thus work on optimising it for specific accessibility, interaction, distance viewing, or screen resolution requirements of your Visichat installation.

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