Hand Raise

Visichat - Raise HandPublic voice chat can turn into a sea of voices if you have a lot of members. After all, the more people that join the conversation, enable voice and speak at will, the merrier it will get in the room! In certain scenarios, this may not be what's desired and some way of queueing speakers would be preferable. Hand raise feature and its options in the admin panel give the flash chat administrator just such a facility.

Hand raise can be toggled on and off, but when enabled it will require all speakers to request their talk time in advance. By default, this then forms an orderly queue of chatroom members who can speak on a first come, first served basis, where the mic is passed automatically inside the video chat.

An admin can set a specific time limit for speaker turns in seconds or choose not to have any - in which case the speaker's turn will end only when he is idle for a set period, leaves chat or the room. Members who raised a hand but changed their mind, can lower it with a single click, in which case they will be automatically removed from the queue.

Moderated hand raise is also available. It allows the public voice chat arrangements to be actively supervised by a moderator. A moderator can see all users who indicated their wish to speak, pick speakers and pass the mic on at his discretion. The automatic speaker queue is then largely ignored. If a talker idles out or leaves the room or chat, the mic will be returned to the chatroom moderator. Moderated hand raise is ideal for more formal discussions, debates or lessons. It is also a perfectly valid way to conserve flash chat media streaming bandwidth, by limiting the number of users who can talk in public chat at any one time.

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