Public Chat

Visichat - Public Flash ChatThe default mode of communication in Visichat is the public chat. It is a group conversation, where everyone can see what everyone else is saying in the chatroom.

When an individual enters a chatroom, the most recent five lines of the ongoing conversation are displayed. This makes it easy for newcomers to get the gist of the conversation that went before their arrival. The number of lines shown to newcomers can be modified by the flash chat administrator.

Group chats can get very busy, so it's possible to clear your screen of all text periodically. Moderators and the chat administrator can clear everyones' screen, when needed.

The user can click on another person's user name to address that person directly in public chat. It is a nice feature to get familiar with, if you want to keep talking in a group. It avoids confusion in addressing individuals in a crowd, by including a person's name with your chat text in curly brackets.

It will be possible to hear all voice chat from members who enabled their microphones in public chat. And you can respond using voice or text chat in return. Each individual, with a mic icon next to their name in the user list can be muted. If the mic icon is clicked, only the person next to it will be silenced. You can also choose to mute everyone or click on your own mic icon to the same effect inside the flash chat.

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