Invisible Mode

Visichat - Invisible ModeWhen editing users in the administration panel, it's possible to allow individuals access to the invisible mode option inside our video chat. The invisible mode is, like the name implies, an ability to vanish from the user and members lists. However, invisible members can still initiate contact and see what others are saying.

They can immediately reply to any offline messages they may receive, too. This feature is an integral part of our video chat package, and isn't a separate widget, which means its free to use and ready to go after installation. Invisible persons will appear offline to everyone from the moment they turn on the feature in chat.

Hence users can have an extra layer of privacy, when they need it and don't want to be disturbed. Administrators and moderators can see invisible individuals, unless the chat owner specifically setup the invisible mode not to allow this. Totally invisible chatters are truly hidden from everyone in the chatroom, although still manageable via the control panel menus!

Moderators can surprise chat abusers through invisible mode, by always appearing to be at the right place, at the right time! It's useful in spotting behaviour which may only occur when flash chat staff isn't actively visible in the chatroom. Furthermore, members with the invisible privilege mode may be more willing to report unacceptable web chat abuse, since they can appear incognito and not be personally identified by the perpetrator.

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